Civil Aircrew Training

With the world class facilities at the FPC we are in an excellent position to adapt our courses and offer training to civil aircrew. We already host a number of airlines for Hypoxia and Sea Survival training and have agreements set up to easily offer cost effective training to small airlines if needed.

Our current training capabilities include:

Hypoxia Awareness Training

Loss of cabin pressure during flight leads to hypoxia – a reduction of the oxygen supply to the brain with the consequential loss of reality and deterioration of mental ability.

In our Hypoxia Demonstration Room pilots and cabin crews can experience hypoxia to better understand its effects and promote early recognition of one´s personal symptoms. We have recently modernized our chamber and introduced new quantitative and subjective testing to enhance our Hypoxia awareness course with the latest technologies.

Sea Survival Training

For all types of aircrew, suitably replicating the challenges faced with Sea Survival training can be logistically difficult, unpredic-table and costly. The Test Pool at the FPC can recreate the harsh conditions in a safe and repeatable environment. We are able to introduce rough seas, low temperatures, high wind, rain, noise and lighting effects to accurately recreate open sea conditions.

The pool is equipped with a winch to enable evacuation and parachute drop training and we can also provide military standard life rafts to complete the training package.

Spatial Disorientation Training

Spatial Disorientation (SD) is one of the biggest dangers to flight safety and research has shown that while overall incidents have dramatically reduced over time, those due to SD have remained constant. During SD training we aim to train the pilot in identifying dangerous SD situations and how to remain safe throughout.

We have successfully used the DFS to create a number of SD illusions and are putting a lot of focus into continuing to developing this capability for wider use.

For further information on the facilities please follow the links in the descriptions above or go to the Our Facilities page.

If you have training requirements which are different or not listed above then please contact us as we can adapt to meet your needs. Our training is available as a standalone option or wrapped into a turnkey solution.

If you’d like to discuss training at the FPC further, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Civil Aircrew Training